After years of traveling and always trying to look the part for any occasion, we found ourselves increasingly happier when we could return home.  The thought of losing the suit, tie, or dress, and relaxing in our favorite comfy clothes consumed us.

In addition, it is always a common topic of discussion with strangers and friends alike about our home and the culture we belong to.   Collectively, we finally realized that the Southern culture and lifestyle is something very special.

Together with our knowledge of the branding, quality standards, customer service, design, and a passion for the leisurely and relaxed lifestyle, we decided to create a brand that embodied all we knew and loved.  We developed products where the comfort and quality is unmatched but appropriate for any leisurely situation.  Products that would capture the essence of the lifestyle and culture so many enjoy and love.   The end result of this endeavor was Shrimp & Grits.